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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 4

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What will Edmund do?
Come into the open
 35% [ 6 ]
Remain hidden
 0% [ 0 ]
Attack Dominic
 12% [ 2 ]
Flee pass them to continue task at hand
 53% [ 9 ]
Flee back to House Alwin
 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 17



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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 4   Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:14 pm

"It's not your fault..." Edmund tries to say.

"Of course it's my fault. I let the king go too far. If I drove my sword through him when I had the chance the war could of been avoided." Edmund frowns at a lost for words. Reynoldus shakes his head, "it's all in the pass now anyway, thank you for trying to help, but it no longer matters." Edmund gives a nod, "we are nearing the boarder of house Alwin, so..."

An arrow flies right by Reynoldus cutting his cheek and the arrow goes right through an eye of one of the horsemen behind them. The soldier falls off the horse already dead before he hit the ground. The soldiers, Edmund, and Renoldus stops their horses and dismounts quickly and runs to the trees for cover, Edmund and Reynoldus still together. A man ahead of them walks to the now empty horses though held no type of bow, but has his sword on his wait bot drawn. The man has short neat black hair and deep blue eyes, he didn't wear armor, but clothes of an lord as if he was in a fort for down time. The vest is black with some blood splattered onto it though dried and his under shirt that can only be seen because, the sleeves are longer than the vest's sleeves, is grey with a diamond pattern. The pants is dark grey and his boots reach up to his calves and is the color of black. "Sir Reynoldus! I know you are there! I saw you! Come out and greet an old friend why don't you?"

"I'll hand this," Reynoldus says to Edmund in a hushed voice. He walks out of the trees and eyes widened, "D...Dominic, what are you doing here? You are a far way from home!"

"I could say the same to you," he give a sly grin, "you surely have made a fine life with yourself out here. Shame your lord's house already decline the offer. They sure do hate the god don't they?" He widens his arms as if he was going to give a hug, "my father is the king now. You surely should kneel before the prince should you?"

"Your father?" Reynoldus ask, "how is he still alive? He was..."

"Suppose to of been slain in combat, the day our 'crazed' king died. I remember, but surely you should know, the gods always favored my family. So much so the god named him king."

"That dragon is no god." Reynoldus says in disgust, "it's just an more powerful crazed king. I heard what that thing does."

"Oh I guess I'm asking the wrong person to kneel, bring out your company, I know you have them. They should all kneel," he looks pass Reylondus to the dead soldier, "except that one. He can't quite get up right now can he?"

"What have the years done to you boy?"

"Oh just wonders," he drops his arms, "you I saw one of the soldiers in combat brutally smash my mother's face in, granted she was fighting too, but you know how that looks to an five year old." He grinned, "oh the scarlet color was great to see, the fires raging, just wonderful." He frowns, "how do you think the years done to me? To my family. I suggest you bring out your friends and kneel before I get very angry. I can very well have you all killed."

"But you are just one man," he says. Dominic snaps his fingers and another arrow flew though hitting the dead man's horse square in the forehead. The horse lets out an noise before collapsing.

"Don't make me ask again, I sure hate asking multiple times."


"Here we go! I'll give you and your friends a count of three!"

"Dominic wait, you don't have to do this," Reynoldus tries to reason him.

Dominic just grins, "one."


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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 4
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