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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 6

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Edmund's choice
"I will not leave you!" (Edmund stays with Reynoldus)
 21% [ 3 ]
He falls silent (He goes to House Kinch)
 0% [ 0 ]
He falls silent (he goes to house Alwin)
 79% [ 11 ]
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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 6   Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:11 pm

Edmund draws steel as the arrow flies off and hits his upper left shoulder. He ignored the pain and as loading crossbows are take time he was able to get to the soldier before he could even finish reloading. He shoves his sword right into the soldier and he lets out a loud scream. More soldiers show up coming out of bushes drawing steel, the Kinch soldiers pull out their own steel, "mil lord!" One yelled, "we'll cover you w..." an arrow cuts one of the Kinch soldiers off by going through his throat.

The Edmund and his soldiers slowly start backing up as the enemy soldiers get closer. They get onto the dirt path again where Dominic and Reynoldus were already in a blade lock. Dominic wasn't even calling for help, he seemed to have an upper hand. A soldier swings at Edmund and he counters the blade bouncing the blades off and shoved his sword into the soldier's neck and pulled it out. Another arrow flies and takes out another one of his soldiers, Edmund swears under his breath. Another group of soldiers follow up behind Edmund's. Before he knew it he was surrounded by three soldiers. two swung at Edmund at ouce and he blocks them with his blade. The other tries to Stab Edmund in his back, but before they could Reynoldus was already away from his battle and helped Edmund. He beats the soldier to the punch and stabbed him in the back. "I got ya boy," Reynoldus says.Once Edmund breaks his blade lock with the soldiers he was focused on. Renoldus gets between them and stabs one in the chest while the other swung at him. He blocks with his stubbed left arm reopening some of the stub, but ignored it and pulled the blade out and slices open the soldier's belly making his entrails spill out

He and Edmund shares a quick look, "I still got it!" Reynoldus says. Than an arrow flies into his chest.He staggered a bit swearing. Edmund gives off and worried look. He looks behind him and Reyloudus and him then goes back to back though the backs not touching, "We are surrounded, he says, a few more Kinch soldiers fell to the steel. "We need to get you to a horse, from there you can flee."

"What about you?" Edmund asked.

"What about me?" He says. From that Edmund knew already, "you won't last running, they will get you, take a horse, I'll kill the other ones so they can't steal them. I'll try to be quick, give them the mercy kill."

"But they are animals!"

"Then I'll kill them like one!"

"That not what I meant," Edmund growled.

"There is no time to argue about this, just do as I say! You are no lord yet. You give no orders to me. Now go! Get to a horse!" Edmund nods and together they ran to the bunches of horses. He did as he promised, he started to slaughter the horses ignoring all incoming arrows he'd be hit by. By the end of the slaughter only the horse Edmund rode remain. His soldiers were all dead already, but the enemies were cut by half already.

"Reynoldus!" Edmund yelled.

"Edmund go!" He ordered.


"Go! Warn the other houses of the coming war! Just go!" Reynoldus yelled. He swung behind him knowing a soldier was there as he wasn't very quiet, slicing off his head.
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 6
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