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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 2 part 1

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No point in naming this crap and yet I just named it XD
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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 2 part 1   Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:16 am


Axel opens his deep blue eyes to a stone wall not far from him, his brownish reddish hair that reach just above his shoulders were sprawled out on the table though the hair strands on the table were somewhat wet. He sits up and leans back in his chair, the chair had a cool touch to the skin of his back. He looks down to his table to see the now ruined paper, due to his drool, on the table. He has been trying to work on a letter for the past week to send to the Capital to see how his father Raymund, also known as Yu, and his little sister Danni was doing. However it has been difficult due to him having to handle politics like checking the strength of his house's alliances with Oray, Matsuda, Hsu, and many other houses, checking garrison strength, setting patrols, etc. This duty would normally fall on the eldest son, but his brother Rei, didn't want to lead a house, he wish to be an adviser so the task fell to Axel as everyone wished to respect his wishes.

Axel being unable to continue writing on the blank sheet of paper turned his attention to an open letter near by from an Alwin spy, they don't have many spies, that tend to come from House Oray or House Greene though recently after the brother of one of the lords of house Oray took over the house and denounced the alliance for some unknown reasons. House Kinch has been calling back all of their soldiers and family members that's been spread across the land back home. Speculation suggest House Kinch too may denounce the alliance or they are preparing for a defensive war. None of the other Alwin allied houses know why the denouncing is going on or the call backs are happening. Before lord Raymund left with Danni to the capital he ordered sir Reynoldus to go with Edmund to find out what was going on, Reynoldus and Edmund left only yesterday since they just finally finished preparing for the long road there and back. They expect Edmund and Reynoldus to be there in a couple of days.

Axel eventually puts the letters back where he found it, a little bit away from the drenched letter before getting up. He goes to his wardrobe as he was about to undress more to change into clothes for the day before attending business. However his mother Maylea walks in as his bedroom door was open, he forgot to close it yet again. He turns to her shocked on the walk in, he always had his mother's eyes, they however seem to beam brighter for her though due to her cheery nature. She has Goldish Brown that reached down to her shoulders. His sister took that part of their mother. She has a fit build with C cup size She wore and elegant dress despite their houses being so far out in a forest. The dress was mostly a deep red such as the background of their house's banner, it also had an orange lining and string for the corset part, the skirt part of the dress is poofy and a bit frailly though those where white, the cuffs were also an orange color, the buttons on her dress to help keep it all together was made of real gold originally, but as time grew those rusted and eventually replaced with buttons. It was also the same dress she met Yu in. The color matching the sigil was almost as if they were fated to marry. He heard stories that she wanted to marry him in the dress too, but they ended up going with a more classic way, mostly cause the parents wanted that, but the wedding was still rather nice. Axel heard that he was even conceived that night due to the bedding tradition. She also wore some brown boots though most of it was covered by her skirt due to the skirt reaching just above her ankles. "Mother!" Axel shouted in surprise, "I am trying to dress!"

"Relax," Maylea says she looked down slightly and motions her hand at him slightly before returning to original postion, "it's not like you're hiding anything I haven't seen yet. You do have the build of your father, mostly" she joked.


"Hey you can't expect me to change you many times and not see everything when you were younger, maybe that grew too though," she shrugs, "I don't bathe you anymore so I don't know."


"Well at least you got Raymund's muscles going for you," she look away to let him continue dressing finally, when he was done he wore and nice black shirt with a dark brown vest over it, the black sleeves reached down to his wrists, he wore a pair of black pants and some dark brown boots too. He also wore the Alwin cloak, wasn't really needed, but he liked to wear it anyway whenever he was in charge for the time being, part of the reason being to not have others confuse him for his father when approaching him from behind at times.

"Well, I'm done now," he says. Maylea then turns back to face him before pulling a piece of paper out of her right skirt pocket, "a letter from the capital, I figured we should read it together, it has the dragon mark on it, it's Danni and Raymund."

"Well lets see it," Maylea hands Axel the letter as he then opens it and read it aloud though skipping the dear parts," we have reached Stonescar landing, there appear to be a new king we must meet and swear allegiance too, the capital seems to have a new house ruling, however though we have encountered no problems as of yet, we aren't the only houses here though they seemed to of already know of the new king to swear to, guess the ravens haven't reached our home yet. We'll finish our business here and be home sooner then you know it. May the gods watch over us all, love Danni and Raymund ~written by Danni." Axel finished, "A new king? A new ruling house? You'd think a raven would of reached us by now, but this arrived before hand, why is that?" He asked aloud. Maylea rubs her chin pondering.

"No explanation on that, can't be they didn't know, we lead the charge on the invading nation, I wonder..." Maylea was interrupted with a man running into the room out of breath yelling.

"My lord!" The man yelled, he has the basic combat gear on him along with the Alwin tavard over the armor, he didn't wear a helmet, he has black hair and light green eyes and goes by the name Sir Oweyn, "It's Edmund, he's back and he's wounded!"
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 2 part 1
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