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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 2 part 2

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Picks your poison
Kill them
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Let them in
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Show off forces
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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 2 part 2   Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:24 pm

"Take me to him," Axel ordered. Oweyn nodded to him and started off to where Edmund was, Maylea and him followed.


The three walk into the yard near the keep's gate. Soldiers and commoners were all watching though the soldiers more so to guard Edmund. A man in brown robes with long grey hair and a long grey beard is kneeling next to Edmund, he was the keeps miester; Bodrin. He is patching Edmunds shoulder as he was laying on the ground.

Maylea, Axel, and Oweyn rushed over to Edmund, he seems to be awake, but barely however he was clearly not going to die. "Edmund..."
Axel started, but Edmund interrupted him.

"They killed them, they killed them all, my men... Reynoldus, all of them... he... he covered my escape..."

"Who killed them?" Maylea asked.

"O...one of the new king's sons... Dominic," Edmund is about to pass out, "he... he says Raymund already declined..."

"But we just got a letter, they were going to talk about it," Axel says.

"Letter came in late perhaps? Or maybe they lied?" Oweyn says, "whatever it is the new king already seem like bad news."

"The... new king's family, they... they hailed from the land... of the crazed king..." Edmund's head falls back on the ground as he passed out.

"I gave him something to help with the pain. Strong, but he will be fine," Bodrin says.

"What all did he tell you that he failed to tell us in time?" Axel asked Bodrin.

"Well, Dominic and his men are coming here, though from the sounds of it not big enough to take the keep. Especially since Edmund and them took a few out, however I do not think it's wise to ignore the prince if he asks to come in, we have to play this smartly."

"And what do you suggest we'd do?" Oweyn asked.

"We let him in, see what he wants from us, there has to be a reason. Maybe on the road he just got bored," Bodrin shrugged.

"You are saying we let a mad man in our gates?" Oweyn shouted.

"I don't think that's up for you to decide," Bodrin says and motions Axel, "but we have to let him in regardless. Don't want to anger the king."

Axel looks to Oweyn, "what'd you suggest?"

"We shoot him and his men down, they killed ours and one of our best men, would only be fair," Oweyn says, "end the mess before it get

"That'd make everything worse!" Maylea shouted at him, "that'd be killing the King's son, treason, he'll have our heads." She shakes her head,

"no, show that we are strong, but don't shoot at them or anything, then we will talk to them once they see our forces and know it's not something to mess with. We have the best men when it comes to threatening looks and they can back it. Perhaps not as well as house Matsuda, but we are nearly as strong."

"Whatever it is, the choice is yours my lord," Bodrin bowed to Axel.
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 2 part 2
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