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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 3 part 1

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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 3 part 1   Mon Jun 20, 2016 6:23 pm


Danni enters her room, she's not use to the bright stone walls yet, she wondered how the polish of the stone didn't weaken the integrity of the castle's walls. She has her mother's hair, her father's emerald eyes, she wore the same kind of dress her mother wears, but the colors are Pink lining and the main color is white. She felt like she was attending a wedding, but out of all her dresses this was the nicest. The others were torn on the trip down due to the rocky road knocking clothes onto the ground and sticks getting caught up in the dresses, which she still needs to get some of the stick out in some of the other dresses. She has a skinny build and her cup size is C.

Danni looks to  her bed, it had such a fine bedding, she figure due to her family being a major house they'd give them nice bedding. The bedding even shared their house colors. So it made her think of home whenever she looked at it, she felt a little sick looking at it however though she knows it was just home sickness. He looks to her dark brown desk with an unopened letter on it, it must of just arrived while she was out, from a far she could already tell it was from her house.  She approached the letter and picks it up before reading it. It tells of what has happened, with Edmund, Dominic, everything. She didn't recall father every denying anything. Perhaps they got their information wrong. Father was only thinking about it. He knows where the new king is from and is weary of him, but she thought the king was nice. He gave them their rooms, they were allowed to roam freely and everything. However it could be a ruse, but everyone seems to love him. Though they always warned of Dominic. She wondered who it was, she heard only whispers. They way they talked it sounded liked he'd kick puppies for fun or eat babies. The guards seem to be searching for him too.

She also met some the the king's other son and a daughter. They were all friendly to her, she and the princess shared some sewing technics, she even showed the princes how to fight with a sword better. They were surprised that she was better at sword fighting then most of them, the eldest prince was the better, however she wondered how they weren't surprised a girl could fight. Well until she sparred with the princess then she understood. The princess was almost just as good as her. Just a little more work of foot work and the n could be on par. She never met the queen though, she eventually found out the queen was killed while Dominic was still a kid, along with the fact he seen it. She felt sorry for the boy, a child shouldn't watch their mother die.

She was so focused in though she jumped when she heard the door being knocked on. She turns to it placing the letter back down on he desk, the written side facing onto the desk. She heads to the door and opens it. A large man towered over her, he's about 6'8", compared to her he's a giant, her being about 5'7". The same colored eyes she has stares at her softy. He had reddish brown hair like Axel's, this is her father, Raymund Alwin, the true lord of her home, Dragonstone keep. He wore leather armor as a formality. Never know who'll try to back stab you. Not that he'd really need the armor, he has a high pain tolerance. "Have you decided yet?" Danni asked him. Raymund shook his head.

"Not until the Dominic buisness is taken care of, you heard the things he's done no doubt. The king wants him home, but he's no where to be found. Until then I don't want to risk it." Danni steps to the side to let Raymund in, she closed the door behind them and latched it shut not wanting anyone to interrupt their conversation.

"About that," Danni says, "a letter came in." She walks over to her desk and picks up the letter as Raymund sits on the side of her bed. She walks over to him and hands him to letter before sitting beside him, "he's going to our home."

He read over the letter, "Reynoldus... he was just starting to slowly forgive himself... and Edmund... at least it seems like he'll live... but why the death?" He asked aloud, "what was the point? Revenge maybe?" He looks to Danni, "I... I must head back. I need to capture him and bring him back here, or at least fortify our home."
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 3 part 1
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