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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 5 part 1

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God damn it Markas
"Markas you know I can't stay here."
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"I can't, I'm sorry."
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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 5 part 1   Mon Jun 20, 2016 8:57 pm


Danni stuff the last bit of her clothing in her last bag almost done with packing. She goes to her desk and picks up her blade that was laying on it. It's a one handed blade, at the end of the handle like all swords for a Alwin had a dragon's head. Only those in the family can have such a sword. Legends have said it has the power of a dragon in it. Danni never saw such power though, she thinks its just that, a legend. A blade is only as powerful as the skills of the user. She seethed her blade into the blade seethe she has on her waist, can never be too careful. She heard knocking at her door. Believing it was her father she rushed to it and opens the door. However it was not her father, but the eldest prince. Prince Markas. He wore a rather fancy mostly gold suit with some red in it, the emblem on the chest of his shirt was his house's symbol, the head of the Basilisk. he had long pale blonde hair and dark blue eyes like the sea. His skin fine and tanned to a lovely tone. His smile seems to sparkle whenever he shows it. He was only a couple of inches taller then Danni,he was looking down at her though she noticed he seemed a little sad. "I heard you were leaving,' he says softly.

"I have business back home I need to attend to," Danni says bowing her head slightly, "maybe next time we can spar more or something."

He nods, "perhaps."

She tilts her head slightly, "is there a reason you stopped by other then to say good bye?" She asked.

Markas nods, "I was hoping to convince you to stay here." He says.

Danni shakes her head, "you already know my answer."

"It's not as dangerous here Danni."

"My place is at home, besides this city is fully of cut throats and such, people I don't know either, I don't belong here."

"No one would bother you," Markas says before placing his hand on her left cheek, "not if they know you are with me. Please Danni, stay."
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 5 part 1
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