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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 5 part 2

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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 5 part 2   Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:39 am

"I can't," Danni says, "I'm sorry, but I'm needed at home, it's where I belong." She says.

Markas sigh sadly, "til next time, I could show you the garden next time you're here," he says.

Danni nods, "if can seems like it'd be nice," she picks up her bag from her bed once the rest of her stuff was packed, "until next time my lord."

"Until next time," Markas bowed his head, "my lady." He walks her out of her room and sees her off before she watches her walk down the hall. He turns to a near by guard once she was out of ear shot. The guard wore steel armor though with a golden tint to show he was with the royal guard. He wore the cloak with the head of the Basilisk on it and wore no helmet. He has dark brown hair and dark green eyes. "tell the miester to send a raven to Dominic, tell him once he's done tormenting the house to return home, the plans changed slightly. It will be done when he's return home." The guard nods.

"Understood my lord," the guard says.

End of Danni's POV
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 5 part 2
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