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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 6 part 1

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"Why did you lie about my father declining the alliance?"
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"What are you here for?"
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"Who sent you?"
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"What do you want?"
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"Why did you attack Edmund and his group?"
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"Do you know what's going on with House Kinch and what is it?"
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"Do you know what's going on with House Greene and what is it?"
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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 6 part 1   Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:08 am


Axel sat on an wooden chair shaped like how a throne would as he had his right arm's elbow on the chair's right arm and this hand balled up as he leaned his head against it. There are some steps that lead up to where he was, at the end of them stood his mother though to his right and not blocking his view, to his left was a guard standing in front of Maylea also not blocking his view. A line of guards stood behind the two facing to the door waiting. Two guards on each side, he felt it'd be more welcoming then threatening and protective to have the five guards near by. Three guards lined up on each wall, one to his left, and to the right on the floor at the bottom of the steps, two close to where it lead up, two at the center of the walls, and two near the door. The side guards carried pikes while the guards near by carried swords and shield, accept the one closes to him, he carried a great sword.  The room was cleared accept for the table with chairs behind him, the chairs lined up with the rectangular table. Torches line up against the wall and are well lit.

Eventually Bodrin enters the room, "lord Dominic has arrived, he will be in here shortly," he says.

Axel nods, "go somewhere safe just in case, you too mother."

"I'm not going anywhere, I won't leave you alone to a mad man," Maylea says to Axel.


"I'm staying, you may be the lord, but you still need protection and these louts can't fight as well as I," she says, "you know that."

"We are right here," the guard with the great sword says.

"I know."

They hear foot steps coming from the hall, quieting down everyone looks to the doors as Dominic came in with five other men, "well well! This is the infamous Dragonestone keep!" Dominic says with his arms in the air a bit, "can't really say I'm that impressed, though I am more use to the capital castle." He lowered his arms, "how you keep your terrible military and citizen fed  with the grub here is beyond me."

"We trade with the capital and other houses," Maylea says, "and hunt."

"Oh, you guys like hunting?" Dominic says, "I just adore hunting, though my targets are... normally different then what you'd expect, and surprise you all have the gold to trade anything, like how much you have? 5, 6? You are poor sods aren't ya?"

"We manage," Axel says not really going to give their gold count, "and we heard of your "hunting" you love to do."

"Oh he came back alright? Surely expected the shot would of infected him with the poison, then again these louts are really bad about with putting poison on their arrows." His guards say nothing.

"Not going to even deny it?" The guard with the great sword says.

"Why would I deny it? He's the first to get away, I want to congratulate the boy, though he doesn't seem to be here, must of been bad either way. Oh well. He may die from it. His father and mother wouldn't be happy about that, then again they wouldn't know who killed him would he? Not with all the ravens here smelling up their cages now would they?"

"You killed the ravens?" Maylea asked in shock.

"Of course I did, wouldn't want dear old daddy know where I am now would I? Or maybe he already knows. Which case oh darn, to the basement I go," Dominic shrugs. He and his men reached to the steps of though stopped there.
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 6 part 1
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