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 Dawn to Dusk chapter 7 Part 1

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David's choices
"At least leave your men out here."
 67% [ 6 ]
"What are your intentions?"
 33% [ 3 ]
"It's nothing, never mind."
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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk chapter 7 Part 1   Fri Jul 01, 2016 5:09 pm

Lucas, Masaomi, David, and Olivia

David looks down the trail as Dominic and his men road through the gate. David has dark brown hair that reached a little past his chin, he is wearing a brown tunic with a golden shirt with long sleeves under it to cover his arms, he wears brown grey trousers and had a belt around his trousers with a sword seethed and the seethe attached to the belt. The area was littered with people in various shirts trousers, and boots or sandals. Some purchased food from the food stands on the trial, other purchased seasonings, clothing, pets, or even some arms to defend themselves with. Houses are behind the stands and trails lead to the houses, there wasn't very many houses, some were barracks as they had several soldiers. Guards patrolled the streets keeping the piece. The fort behind him is his home full of many more soldiers, paid servants, cooks, and some pets, a few guard hounds. The fort is made of dark grey stones, though the door is large and made of a strong dark wood. Ahead of him is the open iron gate Dominic and his men just cam in, connected to the gate are stone walls that surrounded the entire fort and small village. Redrest fort.

He and his family was already aware that he was suppose to be coming sometime after his visit with House Alwin and House Hsu. He wasn't aware he had already visit them however. No ravens came in. Dominic is riding an black horse with pale blue eyes. If the eyes weren't pale the horse and Dominic would of had matching colors. The horse didn't wear any armor or bags, just the saddle he was on. Men rode behind Dominic too, all armored in leather. Some were equipped with pikes or spears, some with swords, but no shields, and some with cross bows or bow and arrows. Dominic stopped his horse once he was close to David and looked down at him. It was as if Dominic already knew who he was. He stared into David's brown eyes. "Lovely magic is isn't?" Dominic says, "don't think you'd be standing there staring at me with those... things if weren't for it eh?" He chuckled lightly.

"Oh joy, too bad I have to waste the gift staring at... this," David motions Dominic and his horse. Dominic laughs.

"Oh I like you already. This may be a enjoyable visit after all. The last two... lets say I had to force myself to have some fun," he gave a sly grin. David wrinkles his face glaring at Dominic as Dominic turned his attention away from David and dismounted the horse along with his men his back turned to David. "Now be a darling and show me where you're great hall is, oh and please send one of my men to your ravens, they need to send a letter home. They surely miss their wife and kids."

"At least wait for the bread and salt before seeing the ravens," David crossed his arms. Dominic turns his head to David though not completely so only his left eye can see him.

"I guess we will wait then. Now how about the meeting?"

"Right this way," David reluctantly say. He leads Dominic to the door into the keep before turning his head to Dominic and his men whom were all following. "..."

"Yes?" Dominic asked.
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Dawn to Dusk chapter 7 Part 1
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