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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 7 part 2

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"What do you want?" (Masaomi)
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"Who sent you?" (Lucas)
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"How do you know so much about us?" (David)
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"He makes me uncomfortable." (Olivia whispers among her family)
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"Why don't you start?" (Random, they gave up on figuring out what to say)
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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 7 part 2   Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:45 pm

"At least leave your men out here," David tells him. He could of sworn one of the guards were about to pull a blade, but Dominic holds up his hand as if ordering his men to halt.

"I'll play along for now little pup," Dominic says with a grin.

"Right," David shrugs and adds on sarcastically, "I'll just get the chess board." The two entered the keep, the halls are also filled with guards and people moving from one place to another though the guards tend to stay in assigned positions. The floors are made of stone as well, but covered with some yellow and orangeish carpets. Torches littered the halls to light the path.

"Oh such a lovely place, I really love what you all did here, will there be a cell prepped for me, the grey god knows I deserve one. I want it to have a bed of roses, sounds really painful to me, bastards have so many thorns," Dominic says. "You don't know who I am? Do you?"

"You are Dominic Casterly and a motherless bastard, that's all I know, that's all I care to know."

"You would know something about being a motherless bastard, wouldn't you?" Dominic chuckled, "at least I had a mother, watched her die. You came from magic with the..."

"Enough," David ordered.

"Oh? You don't want me to say? Poor baby can't handle the truth of his birth? It's no secret you and your sister came of magic, the same with the Oray bastards. I can get behind that. I too enjoy the company of other men, of course not in that way. They always die. Odd that huh? Love whores too. Lovely color red is."

"Oh for the love of... do you ever stop talking?" David asked snapping at him.

"Only when my throat is slit will I ever stop talking, maybe even that won't stop me," he chuckled lightly.

"Well at least be silent when you meet Lord Kida."

"Oh thats right, there are two lords! Kida and Kida! That gets really confusing you know? I wonder if they know which one I am talking to."

"God you are annoying."

"At least I'm not a motherless bastard. I had one," Dominic taunts further. David just growls as the two finally reached the door to the great hall. David pushes the doors opens and walks in, Dominic quickly follows in before the doors closed on him. "So rude." The hall was rather large, filled with more tables then one could count with four times the many chairs. However down the center is plenty of room for a walk for four people being side by side. The chairs were however empty, except for the ones at the far end of the room, two large throne like chairs stood side by side, beside the two were smaller chairs. Three of the four chairs are filled. Above them are chandeliers with lit candles in them, on the walls was filled with paintings of past lords and family members a long with lit torches though the torches are not too close to the paintings to burn them. Fine golden lining draped the top of the walls and curtains draped the windows with fine white cords. A part of Dominic seemed to want to choke. Too fine of a place for his taste clearly.

Eventually the two arrived to the steps where the thrones were on top of. David walks up the steps and moves to the chair on the left of them before sitting in it. To David's left sat Masaomi Kida. He has short blonde hair and brown eyes. He wore a white cloak, a white shirt with a black tunic, his trousers is black along with his boots. He too wore a belt, but black and had two swords instead of one attached to the belt. To his left is Lucas Kida, he wore the same clothing, but he has brown hair instead of blonde, and his cloak is golden. To his left is their daughter, Olivia Kida. She has long blonde hair, the bane of her hair is braided, some goes to the right of her over her right ear, the majority of it goes to her left over her left ear, she has some of front side hair going down the sides of her cheeks, and she has a light blush applied to her cheeks. She wears a golden and white dress, the gold overlapped the white most of the time, but on her chest there is white lining stitched into it making a vine and flowery look on her chest.  On the yellow straps that go over her shoulders are tiny white pearls designs, from the straps are some cords that reach down to the golden cuff overlapping the white of her dress and the skin of her shoulders. The cuffs are strapped around the above of her elbows with some loose golden fabric going down her arms though not completely covering her arms or the white fabric that reached past her golden cuffs. Her golden skirt opened up from waist down on her front, but the white skirt of the under dress covered her legs. "Well I certainly see where most of your gold goes to," Dominic motions Olivia.

"Didn't you hear me when I said be quiet when you meet Lord Kida?" David snapped at Dominic.

"I did, guess you didn't realize I was going to ignore you." Masaomi and Lucas looked at each other awkwardly unsure how to deal with the outsider. "Should I start? Yeah I'm going to start. You two are so quiet and I'm losing patience already. I'm a busy man you know."

"I think we are fine starting on our own," Masaomi says.

"Would you want some bread and salt while you wait?" Olivia asked shyly.

"Bread's to bland for me, salt really doesn't help," He says looking at Olivia with a sly smile.
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 7 part 2
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