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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 7 part 6

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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 7 part 6   Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:26 pm

"We won't go back on our word," Lucas says carefully, "Olivia will marry your sister." Dominic takes a moment to consider Lucas's words. The silence felt irregular to them since Dominic have talked a lot since he got here. Dominic shifts his eyes to look at everyone carefully as if studying them. He almost seemed tempted to ignore the acceptance and slash the throat anyway, but he did not slash Masaomi's throat.

"Alright, then you have my word that he will be unharmed when he returns to you after the wedding," Dominic says then takes a moment before adding, "well any further, I think I cut him a bit by mistake."

"That wasn't in the deal!" David yelled.

"We made a deal to marry our sisters off," Dominic points out to David, "not that your father will return right away. Think of it as a fail-safe. Go back on your word and I will kill," he threatened.

"You an't do that!" Olivia yelled."

"Oh dear soon to be sister in law, I can do so. It's called being a prince. You are no princess yet so you have no say in the matter. Or do you want your father to be in the crypts before your wedding," he sneered, "as log as you keep your word I will keep mine." Dominic lets out a whistle and his men came in, some of the swords and pikes were blooded.

"Ravens are dead my lord," a pike man says, "guards made things a little too fun. We lost a couple of people.

"Ah too bad for them. Well we have someone to replace the ones we lost," Dominic chuckled. He pushed Masaomi back behind him and Dominic's soldiers ran and restrained him. "This was fun, well maybe not as fun a the first place I visited, there was more screaming. Well I can't wait to see our sisters walk," he speaks to David, "I'm sure you will love your nephews or nieces." Dominic turns and regroups with his men. As tempted David was to rush down and fight them, he knew it was a losing battle. He remained in his chair. He watched the group leave before looking to his sister and other father. Lucas seemed broken inside and his sister didn't want to say a word. He looks back to the door Dominic, Masaomi, and Dominic's crew left from glaring.

End of Lucas, Masaomi, Olivia, and David's POV
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 7 part 6
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