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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 8 part 1

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(To Normand) "How's the troops?"
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(To Lizbeth) "What does the whispers says?"
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(To Bodrin) "Have you brought any ravens recently?"
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(To Axel and Maylea) "Are you alright?"
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(To Edmund) "Has your wounds heal?"
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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 8 part 1   Sat Jul 16, 2016 2:10 am


Raymund rides beside Danni. His horse is grey and deep blue eyes and a black mane. The horse is rather large too, it'd make a rhino cry. The horse is muscular as well and had several scars as the horse has seen battle before like Raymund. The horse has survived it all however, as if it has a guardian watching over him as well as Raymund. Danni's horse is rather young however. About a little smaller then a horse. The horse is rather pretty, the horse has a long white mane though a bit darker then it's white fur. The horse's legs was muscular as it's been used for riding a lot. Maylea brought the horse for Danni's tenth birthday as he recalled. He remembers that Danni rode it every chance she got even now. The two have bonded well he thought.  Behind them is their soldiers, some carrying the Alwin banner, others just there to guard the caravan of their supplies. They are near their home. "At last, trees as far as the eye can see," Raymund said, "capital is nice and all, but it isn't home." Danni replies in agreement. "I saw you sparring with the King's kids a few times," Raymund says, "you're getting good though room for improvement."

"The sword's master won't teach me the moves I saw you and Rei showing Axel one time," Danni replied, "though he thinks I'm getting there. I guess having only one hand makes the hard stuff rather difficult to teach though. I... I wish he was still around... he... he was always so nice to us."

Raymund dips his head sadly, "should of been there, he could of..."

"I'm glad you weren't though," Danni cuts him off, "m... maybe you would of joined him. Don't want to lose you too."

Raymund looks to her and smiled, "wouldn't want to leave you kiddos either, I promise, I'll be sure to never be lost to you or anyone else." Danni smiles and replied with how glad she is that he won't. Trees start to clear as they ride up the trail. Dragonstone. The walls have been made out of actual Dragon stone, hence the name everyone gave the house's home and it stuck. Their house use to be great dragon hunters and tamers, but the house haven't seen a dragon in years. Raymund's father was the last one to see a dragon from their bloodline. A powerful one Raymund heard. He still remembered watching his father leave to slay the dragon. He and the force he took never came back. Danni looks at Raymund worriedly and asked what was on his mind. He just said he was worried about the family. He was only half telling thr truth. He is worried on what's happened while they were gone. They only got the one letter and nothing more. He wasn't even sure their raven got home to tell them they were on their way.

They heard someone yell "raise the gate! Lord and lady Alwin is here!" The gates rose as they arrive to it passing under, thought due to Raymund's and his horse's height he had to duck a bit so they can get through while the gates rose. He noticed a difference on the amount of guards on in the yard, it has at least doubled since he was last home. He wondered if the house was expecting a attack. "Tell the others they are here!" Another guard shouted, another shouted in reply that they were on it. A few minutes later as Danni and Raymound dismounted Maylea and Axel was already down the stairs leading to their keep. Rayumund and Danni leave their horses at the stables and walk to them though Maylea and Axel was rushing to them. By the time the two got to him he realized they were scared. Maylea instantly wrapped her arms around Raymund's necks hugging him tightly though he had to bend a bit due to his large height.

"Something has happened..." Maylea tells Raymund. He asked of what has happened and Maylea and Axel both filled him in on the details after the hug broke off and she  took a step back. Of the Dominic, of the wedding he wanted, of the guard's death, everything. Raymund needed a moment to collect himself as Danni looked to him fearfully.

"He..." Raymund tried to say, but seemed to of changed what he said after a pause, "he doesn't have the right, the power to do this. He's no king, no lord, he'd the youngest in his family!" Raymund says, "as sad of a thing to say, but he holds no power for anything. Send a raven to..."

Axel cuts Raymund off, "they killed our ravens."

"I sent a raven a couple of days ago, from what you said this happened a day before I sent the raven. Has it not come in?"

"Likely intercepted," Maylea says. Raymund looks around to see the smallfolk looking at them wondering whats going on.

"We'll continue this is the great hall," he says rather wanting to get this done quickly. After several minutes of walking past pictures of family, decoration, and most of all stone, lots of stone walls, they arrive to the great hall, the measter, the family, Edmund, the new general, Axel appointed due to his death when Dominic was here, Normand, and their spy master Lizbeth. Normand has a thin yet muscular build, he wore a leather jerkin for armor as he believed is better to be more mobile to dodge, he is 5'7" tall, has long dark blonde hair and deep green eyes. He carried a single sword on his right belt. Lizbeth has a rather short cut of hair, barely goes past her chin, the hair is a black and she has pale blue eyes. Despite being nearly blind she hears rather well, a whisper couple could be across the great hall and she'd be able to hear it no problem, she had no chest to really talk about, she's rather slender, and she wore a black robe, most of the time she has the robe's hood down, sometimes it's over her head when she's not wanting to be bothered. The measter stood next the captain, whom was to the right to the great chair, spymaster had a seat pulled up to the left of the great chair and sat in it, Raymund climbed the steps to his great chair as everyone else pulled up chairs and sat closer to the steps.
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 8 part 1
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