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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 8 part 2

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"Edmund will remain here, I'll send a raven to attempt to smooth things out."
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"Edmund will remain here, we will rally the troops."
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"Edmund will leave for his new home, I'll send a raven to attempt smooth things out."
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"Edmund will leave for his new home while we rally the troops."
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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 8 part 2   Tue Jul 26, 2016 1:11 pm

Raymund looks to Edmund first, "has your wounds healed?" He asked.

"I'm well enough," Edmund says, "wasn't too bad of a wound."

"It was infected for a time, dirty arrow," Bodrin says, "our healers handled it."

"Wasn't so bad," Edmund says.

"You were screaming bloody murder, no one could have any sleep for three days straight, not that anyone could after Dominic came over anyway," Normand says.

"You said there was none and that he was fine," Maylea glared to Bodrin.

"Only to get you off my back, it's really hard to do my job with a extra person repeatedly asking if he'll survive ov..."

"That's enough," Raymund ordered, "she was just worried about him, he's like another son."

"Could we just get back to the main matter at hand?" Normand asked, "this waiting is really annoying."

"I'll handle everything here," Raymund says, "just making sure everyone is alright, Axel, Maylea, are you two alright?"

"Just fine father," Axel answered, "all things considering fact I ended up getting last captain killed. I shouldn't of given that order."
"If you haven't Dominic would of hurt someone else," Maylea says turning her head to Axel, "and he was doing his duty to protect you, he was and will continued to be honored as the one that protected you." She turn her head back to Yu and answers him, "after some rest will be all well, just tired."

"Now can we get to the matter at hand?" Normand asked impatiently.

"You should calm yourself," Bodrin says, "he knows what he is doing."

"We will start now," Raymund says. "Bodrin, have you had time to replace the ravens?"

"Indeed my lord, plenty in stock now, ready to deliver any message needed."

"Normand, how fair does the soldiers?"

"Ready for anything my lord," Normand speaks quickly in a rushed tone, "doing all well and families are prepared for lost too just in case."

"Lizbeth, of your little birds? Have they said anything to you?"

Lizbeth nods and speaks calmly, "I have news of both Hsu and Kida houses. The spy I have in house Hsu reported Dominic was going to visit sometime before he visited us, when I asked to send info I received none. I suspect the spy is dead, they missed the deadline. As such was unprepared for when Dominic visited here. House Kida however," She stops for a second trying to consider how the reaction to the news would be before proceeding, "Lord Masaomi has been captured by Dominic, Olivia is to be wedded to Dominic's sister, whom the sister is, how they act, look, and all else is still being researched, but no doubt the spies will never make it out, but I had to try."
"And of the other holdings?" Raymund asked, "Even if not relevant to this matter."

"All spies I send to Oray house never even reaches there. I'm assuming a wild pack of animals or bandits been getting to them, House Matsuda has a little problem with some undead recently," she says, "which normally can handle, but they seem more organized, I suggest until we have more info and have the resources to do so we do not help, our men are needed here if there is to be war. House Kinch, we've recently learned Dominic visited a bit before House Hsu. They seem to be moving to their old home from what I hear, the keep Noel's father and mother use to run, though left abandoned after their passing. Likely believing to be a safer place. Likely pissed off Dominic, however no notable deaths from his visit there, I don't think Dominic liked fact he was forced to stay out of the keep's walls. He really never trusted strange looking strangers. At least he was right to do so this time."

"So my father was forced to move holdings, because of a coming war?" Edmund asked.

"Most likely."

Edmund was silent for a few minutes before speaking again, "so thats why he wanted me and my men to come home... to protect me?"

"Most likely. Your sister got home a week before Dominic arrived. Of anything else revolving around her I do not know."

"My lord," Normand says, "we have to prepare for War, Dominic didn't like our denial and I'm sure he will bring some forces here."
"Don't be acting so hasty," Lizbeth says, "we can still fix this perhaps, Dominic has no power over us, the King does and I really doubt he wanted this, considering he wanted Dominic home not here."

"How did you... never mind," Raymund stops himself remembering spies.

"Send a letter to the king, explain what has happened and ask for forgiveness and swear alligence to the crown as long as Dominic is put in chains. That way one of the most powerful house and warden of the east has his backing, he rest of the houses here will follow and increase his and our power." Lizbeth says.

"If something to happen to the king?" Normad asked leaning forward placing his left arm across his lap facing Lizbeth.

"What do you mean?" Lizbeth asked.

"Do you really think Dominic would go down quietly? Do you tihnk the king would be able to help us?" He asked, "we all should know Dominic is planning something. Why was he trying to marry off his sister to some of the most powerful houses? Why did he do everything he can to piss everyone off? Kidnapping Masaomi, gods know what with House Hsu, likely calling for war on House Kinch, why is he doing it? If he has no power why is he still trying?"

"You are maybe over thinking things," Lizbeth says.

"He could be right," Edmund says, "he's pissing every house off that he can, trying to kill some off too if you recall my wounds."
"Could he planning..." Axel got cut off.

"Non sense," Lizbeth knew what he was going to say. "There is nothing Dominic can do, remember the King clearly does not trust his own son. That wouldn't happen. He can't do anything."

"Do you truly have so much faith in that?" Axel asked.

"I do."

"Pray to the gods that you are right then," Normand says.

"I don't need the gods. I know I am right." Lizbeth says.

"Regardless, we need to prepare for war none the less. Dominic will want to kill us for denying basically everything. I doubt the King can help. We have to prepare."

"We can fix this before there has to be a war, the King can and will help. Trust in the crown."

"I wish to go to my house," Edmund says. "I need to go."

"Well that certainly fits to what we are saying..." Normand says sarcastically.

"It can," Edmund says, "aside from my wants of seeing my family I can try to bring aid. If there is to be war they can help. They have to. We're all family thought so many marriages, they will help. Family is very important to not only them, but everyone else in the East."

"That's..." Normand tries to says stupid, but Maylea cuts him off.

"True. They can help, and we can send ravens to House Oray, Matsuda, and..." she falls silent. She was going to say Hsu, but they have to expect the worse has happened since no word from them in weeks. "Yeah, them." Raymund looks to his wife with sorrow. Their eldest son, his wife, their daughter were all at House Hsu before they lost contact. Not only that, but Hsu and them were rather close. Especially him and Len, the lord of House Hsu.

"The houses are busy however," Bodrin says.

"They can try to spare some maybe, at least Oray."

"We do not know what kind of dangers they are in, the undead could be really bad for Matsuda and for Oray gods know what's going on," Lizbeth says.

"Can at least try to see, we need the help too," Normand says.

"I believe all of this lies with my father," Danni says as she feels some have forgotten their place. Raymund is the lord.

"Oh alright, what shall the great lord decided?" Normand says giving sarcasim on great. He clearly hasn't been around Raymund long enough to know him.
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 8 part 2
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