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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 1

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What will the boy say?
"Why did Lord Yu send you?"
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"How can you fight with just one arm?"
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"You didn't need to come, we can handle our selves"
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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 1   Sat Mar 26, 2016 5:12 pm

Chapter 1


An group of horsemen riding their horse moved along a path with no hurry at all as if admiring the forest around them. The forest is colored with green of many types of trees, flowers of all colors scattered across the forest grass, none of it touching the dusty old path the horsemen rode on, vines and moss covering the bark of the trees. The wind was nothing, but a whisper, the air is warm despite it nearing Autumn. The sky's light burns brightly, the wide blue doesn't have  a dot of white or grey anywhere. The sounds the soldiers heard varies of many types of birds, pecking on the bark, youngling chirping for food.

All of the soldiers, but two wore full suited armor. The armor seem mostly new as not many fight have occurred lately in the time of peace, only problem of late has been bandits. However they all knew the time of peace is almost at the end. The helmets covered entire heads, though the face guards where up instead of covering the soldier's faces. The soldiers all wore the tavards of house Kinch, the main color being purple. The sigils are Griffons of the color gold, one on the front, one on the back of the tavards, backing being bigger than the front. All carried a long sword sheaved to their left sides of their waist. The two soldiers not wearing helmets rode side by side, one being an old man the other being young. They both wore nearly the same armor. The old man's armor however ever was worn, old and dented greatly, he never accepted to trade out his old armor, there was an design on it too, swirls. The armor was from an old country that lost the war to the country they are in now, Ashguard. This man became a ward to house Alwin, eventually was accepted to the fold fully once proven many times over he was loyal to house Alwin. He bears the tavard of Alwin, the tavard is red while the sigil is an golden dragon, bigger one on the back and smaller one on the front. The old man does not have an left hand however, before the war ended Lord Yu and the old man fought, in the process Yu took his hand, eventually made him a ward, the old man is also bald, but he has an small gray beard. Some of the other children called him grey beard when younger, some still do. Like the boy currently riding beside the old man. The boy wore the same armor as the others though his also followed the design of the swirls, house Kinch adopted the design from he old man's country after the war. The boy's hair is short and the hair took after his mother's, brown hair. His eyes took after his father's dark brown eyes often refereed as black eyes.

The boy looks at the old man as if figuring him out. He wonder why lord Yu sent the old man with him when all the boy was doing is heading back to his father's home by the sea. It's a far ride, three weeks at least, but the boy was sure they could make it without the one armed man. The old man took notice, "what is it boy?" the old man says.

"A...ah nothing," the boy looks away.

"There is always something, what is it?" the old man asked again.
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 1
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