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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 2

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What will Edmund say?
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"Remind me."
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"I don't care for history lessons."
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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 2   Sat Mar 26, 2016 6:05 pm

"Why did lord Yu send you?" The boy asked.

The old man looks at the boy, "knew something was on your mind," he looks ahead at the road watching where they were going, "I asked to go, he didn't send me and before you ask no I didn't have to grovel," the old man chuckled lightly. The boy was confused why the old man chuckled, but didn't question it, "you heard of the rumors of late right? I believe you have. That's why you are going to home right? To talk to your father about these strange rumors of what's happening at the capital."

"That doesn't answer my question on why you came," the boy frowns.

"The rumors are why I came. Don't want the fanatics coming after you."

"The ones believing the thing at the capital is a god?"

"Yes, though I heard some confirmed reports," the old man says.

"Tell me," the boy commanded.

The old man hesitates for a minute. In a hushed voice so only the boy can here he spoke, "this god took shape of a dragon." The boy's eyes widens with surprise, but says nothing, "it's doing terrible things Edmund, your father needs to know that it's not the good god he worships before he makes a mistake. That's why I came. To make sure you succeed and not fall for the propaganda. Your god has yet formed." The old man says.

"what if we fail?" Edmund asked.

"Lets just hope the dragon doesn't cause a war then," the old man says.

Edmund looks ahead to the road, "a war..."

"I have to ask you boy," the old man says, "if there is a war caused by the dragon or the non worshipers and we failed to convince your father not to join the dragon god's chosen king, who'd you fight with? The dragon god and your father or the non worshipers of the dragon, such as the house I serve?"

"You don't know that Alwin would go against the dragon."

The old man shows his missing left hand, "oh I know. The good will always go against the cruel, while the stupid such as I work with the cruel. You remember the war between our countries don't you? Of course you weren't born at the time yet, was a year before your parents finally married really." He shrugged, "but you should of learned what happened in the war right? Why the countries fought, who won, who dealt the final blow to the crazed king of my old country. Don't you?"
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 2
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