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 Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 3

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What will Edmund say?
"It's not your fault..."
 69% [ 9 ]
"You really are a coward."
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"I'm sure you did all you could..."
 31% [ 4 ]
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PostSubject: Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 3   Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:13 pm

Edmund does not answer, the old man looks at Edmund for a minute for an answer, but gave up, "I'll take it as you don't know."


"It's fine," the old man gave a smile before speaking further, "King Gavinus was my fallen king's name. I was his hand, at the time was called Reynoldus the Guardian, not Reynoldus the ward," he says, "was one of the bet fighters too. Lord Alwin was just a bit better, but he didn't leave unscathed, I was the one to cut his eye and have him that scar across where the eye is, guess he kept me around just because he liked my style or something," he shrugs, "at the time of our fight I didn't know my king was assassinated. It didn't reach word to everyone til after Yu took my hand and I surrendered."

"You surrendered instead of taking an honorable death?" Edmund asked.

"I was a coward. I always said I'd die for my king, but in the heat of the moment, with all the king's done, with everything. I couldn't die for my king, he tortured whores for his own amusement, you know every time he visits a brothel he'd leave with blood on his hands. He murdered children, and... just anything evil you could imagine, he done it. When your country called for war, he kidnapped that kid of Yu's, that caused him to enter war, his friends followed. That caused the king's defeat. In fact the king didn't have a chance to do anything to that kiddo, the army was already at the doors by the time the kid was in the prison. That's where the kid's wife found him, unscathed. I say he's the lucky one. The only lucky victim of the king's."

"Who killed the king?"

"Lord Len. Since I had Yu distracted on me and I on him, Len sneaked around to the king. I don't know how he killed the king. I sometime think in Honorable combat, but the king has no honor, so he would of killed Len. Eventually I found out." He falls silent.


"Assassination, he slit the king's throat, while the king was on his throne. Len was already in the throne room before the king was there. He waited as if he knew the king was coming to take a seat and wait for Yu to make a grand entrance to come and fight him. I believe Len knew he didn't stand a chance in fair combat."

"Why did the king attack the country in the first place?" Edmund ask.

"Like how all wars started, he wanted more land, but ass on the fact he wanted more people to torture. Before you asked, yes there were many rebellions, we stamped them all out though. No mercy, we killed all of them. It was really the first rebellion when ordered to kill everyone was when I started to question the king. Three rebellions later and then it was country on country war. By then will to serve the king was nearly gone. I really really hoped he had something to redeem himself with. I was just another scared fool." Reynoldus shakes his head disappointed in himself, "I should of ended it when I had the chance, but I was too scared of the king. Guess that's another reason I was spared, I was just blindly following. I don't know."

Edmund looks the Reynoldus.
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Dawn to Dusk Chapter 1 part 3
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